WordPress Essential in one hour

Learn wordpress basics in one hour. A begineers course for understanding about, What is WordPress, How to install locally as well as on shared hosting. In this course you will also learn, how to create post, page, menu and category in WordPress.

4.5/5 (21 ratings) 11 reviews | 222 students enrolled


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Skill: Beginners, Intermediate, Expert

20 Lectures | 01:07 Hour

Published on: 2 January 2017

Author: Ajin Nikam

Tags: WordPress Design

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WordPress Essential in one hour Course Description

This is the WordPress beginners, crash course which focus on every essential topic requires to start our own website using WordPress. By taking this course any WordPress lover can host and use their own WordPress website easily. This is only 1 hour course means you don't need to wait 6 to 10 long hours to get-started.

This course covering topics like
Tips for how to select a perfect domain names.
How to select Web Hosting service provider
Creating database in control panel as well as in phpmyadmin in wampserver.
creating FTP account in control panel and connecting it using ftp client software.
How to download and install WampServer on your PC.
How to install WordPress CMS software on Shared Hosting means on Live Server.
How to install WordPress on locahost means on your computer.
Short introduction to WordPress dashboard general settings.
Creating post, page, categories and menus in WordPress dashboard.
Installing themes and plugins in WordPress dashboard.

What are the basic requirements?
Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS
Basic Knowledge of Web Hosting
Internet connection
Download and install Wamp Server, if you are installing WordPress on you PC

What am I going to get from this course?
After Finishing this course students will be able install WordPress on local server as well as live server
Students can create and publish posts, pages in WordPress
You will able to create menus categories from WordPress dashboard
You will also learn to create database and FTP account in Control Panel.
You will learn how to install themes and plugins in WordPress

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who want to set up website using WordPress CMS
Beginners who want to set up their own WordPress website
This course is for Entrepreneurs who want to start their web design and development business.


Checkout the following list of all the lectures included in this course. For better understanding go through each lecture step by sep. If you are already familiar with the course topic, you can skip that lecture and jump to the next lecture. Don't forget to follow the instructions or examples given in that video lecture.

Exercise Files

To follow examples given in this course, you may need some additional files, softwares or notes. All the required files are zipped and attached in this section. Download the required course exercise file from the following download link. Only the students who enrolled to this course will be able to download the file.

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While learning from this course, you may encounter bugs/errors/issues or may have some questions. Checkout our frequently asked questions section to post new question or find solution from previously asked questions.

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Quizzes are really important to know how much you learned from the course so far. If you score less or got multiple incorrect answers while solving a quiz, go back to the video lecture which explains that topic and study it again.

There are no quiz in this course.

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Students Ratings and Reviews

Checkout what students say about this course!

4.5/5 Based on 21 ratings | 11 reviews

by Henry Keller

Excellent course, very informative, the instructor was super good, easy to understand and grasp all of the information.

by Patrickmc Laughlin

I did not know anything about WordPress until I did this course. It was very practical lecture and now I think I would be able to develop a web site.

by Martin Szauer

I found most of the course to bascic for me to tell the truth - I had worked out most of this but it would have been good to have done this before I set up a website - will mosey along and see what the next course offers maybe that will suit me bette

by Eric Grenier

Excellent tutorial - I highly recommend it to complete beginners (like myself). Ajin is clear in presentation. Thank you, Ajin!

by Ramiro Alvarez

Great course for beginners. I'm currently using a different blog posting site but getting ready to move to WordPress. The info in this course was very helpful.

by Xuan Grippa

Simple, informative, short modules helped me easily to set up my own site

by Terrence Battlehunt

Excellent beginner's course for WordPress.

by Sajib Paul

I am learning WordPress for the first time. I feel like everything was explained in terminology that was very easy to understanding.I'm looking forward to building my own site starting today.

by Zeljko Olah

Very straight forward and easy to follow.

by Aseel Al

Excellent course! Very informative and easy to understand, definitely helped me out a lot. I feel like I learned something rather than just watching something

by satish kakade

Amazing instructor , lectures were clear in explanations. Highly recommended. Thank you, looking forward to more courses.