Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently we accept only Payments via PayPal only. But in future we will include more payment gateways.
Yes! Once you purchase a course, the course will be included in your account and you'll have lifetime access to the course you've purchase.
No! The course videos are not available for download.
In most cases these issues are solved by clearing your web browser's cache and cookies or logging out and logging back in. Below are some additional trouble shooting tips that will usually solve any playback issue
  • a Try removing browser installed add-ons.
  • b Make sure that your operating system has all its important updates.
  • c Restart your computer and your modem
  • d Try another browsers, like Firefox, Google Chrome
  • e Make sure any browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs you may be running are not causing the problem.
  • f If possible try different computer or device.
  • g Check your internet connection's speed